Sunday, December 14, 2008

Classmate's Research Presentation

Jongkyung's presentation was about the impact of new media in Korea. I really liked his presentation because it contained very informative material regarding new media's effects in Korea. He started off his presentation by giving us an overall idea of the usage of new media in his country. He then went in depth about his topic, by talking about the various environments new media has had an impact in Korea. First he talked about new media in marketing, how new media has increased revenue numbers in that field. Next, he talked about how even the government is using new media to communicate with people and hear their opinions. Universities in Korea are now using new media as a tool to teach students. Jongkyung talked about cyber universities and how they have been increasing throughout the years. New media has also impacted the world of communication in Korea. In his presentation, Jongkyung also talked about Korea's public safety in the cyber world, more specifically about "Netian", a website that protects people from cyber crime. Lastly, Jongkyung brought up the negative effects new media brought to Korea, which regarded to lack of Internet restrictions among children and the violation of copyrighted material. Overall, I thought his presentation was interesting. He touched on the different ways new media has affected certain areas. He was able to give us specific statistics and examples of websites Korean people actually use. I also liked the fact that he provided us with the negative impacts this phenomenon has had in his country.